Dano Deep

Biography (English)
Daniel Oghinciuc, in art "Dano Deep" ,is born in Romania (Suceava) on 25th May,1987.His approach with music begins really soon, at the age of 17, starting in private parties and disco pubs.Three years after starting work with artists from different countries and different radio and these collaborations gives a better experience in music.Types of music you love and you are mixing Techno House, House and Deep House,always tried to speak to the public through music and to express the feelings.Each set is made ​​of him a new story and not disappoint the audience.It's a young DJ at the beginning,hope for the future have the chance to work with other countries dj and exchange of experience.

Detalii legate de  activitatea sa de dj gasiti pe:   http://soundcloud.com/dj_o25